Great Summer Weekend

Last week was rough. Lots of stress and anxiety I am happy to report things are better and my hormones are fuckingoutofcontrol back to normalish... We have had our washer and dryer set since we moved into our house 4 yrs ago and before that they were given to us from family and were already about 8 to 9 yrs old. Well our washer was sick. Dirty, Grimy, Loud, Old. Plus, our desktop computer totally took a shit a major stinky shit. So needless to say this mama who hasn't liked to spend money on herself lately had to face the facts I don't "need" a new computer since I have my phone and work computer but I needed a new washer I didn't want to wash my sons clothes in a dirty gross washer. I am happy to report that I am blogging from my new Sony Vaio basically I love it plus my hubbs is sitting right next to me so we are "bonding".
My weekend was good & bad. I have had more rough night sleeps lately then I would really like to face but hey, I am getting use to functionally on very little sleep so that is good in the newborn dept right? I think so too. So to think I wasn't going to be able to sleep in Saturday or Sunday was a little depressing. My sister in law and I drove to my husbands hometown of Burley, ID on Saturday morning for a baby shower and a birthday party!! So I was to bed late Friday after doing laundry and getting the house clean for hubb and was up early Saturday to start the 2 1/2 hour drive to Idaho. The baby shower was wonderful, visiting family is always wonderful the company was good the food was good and the weather was good!

This is my hubbs cousins babe. So precious and those BIG blue eyes kill me! I'm praying Krew gets his mamas bluies! I was practicing for motherhood!!
This is Mickey. Sweetest girl you will EVER meet.


the awesome pirate cake to go with the cute pirate themed party!

The drive home SUCKED. I missed hubby and my tailbone killed me! I am still tired and plan on not having much sleep tonight either! I do have a busy week ahead of me though, I start training my temporary replacement on Tuesday & have my glucose test on Thursday! I came home and started back into my cleaning/laundry/i can't freaking stop cleaning routine and ran into this beauty!

A new washer!

I died. My heart swelled with love.

I maybe shed a few tears and almost kissed my husbands feet.

He knew how bad this mama needed a new washer, and that my heart hurt to wash any of our sons clothes in that old stinky washer! It really isn't that big of a deal and we are fortunate to be able to buy nice things before Krew comes! My anxiety and hormones are through the roof so I make every little broken thing much much worse then it needed to be. I am one happy blessed mama tonight! I will be back in the morning after I clean everything in my house with a new bump post!

I will take a break to watch my home girls in the closing ceremonies! Even my 50 yr old mom is excited does it get more milf? Love her!